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Quick Access to Mac Dictionary

Sometimes you want to know the word definition but don't want to navigate to a website to know what it really means. So, here is keyboard shortcut that will help you a lot faster to get what you need.

1) Hover your mouse pointer over the word you wish to be defined (works in Safari, Mail and other Apple apps). I haven't tried in all of them yet.

2) Press control + Apple Command + D. The word will be highlighted and a Dictionary pop up box will show in the screen with the word definition.

3) Click anywhere in the screen to get rid of that pop up box.

There is also another approach to this using a very cool app called Alfred. Alfred is a must-have productivity tool that lets you automate a lot of things. You can also use Alfred to give you the word definition by just calling the Alfred utility (I use control + space bar) and then typing define and the word you want. The word definition should be presented on the screen for you.

Alfred has so many functions (no need to say that I…

How to Show Hidden Files in Finder

Just found this great tip on David Valeri's blog ( If you ever wonder how to show hidden files in Mac OS X Finder here is the procedure to enable it:

Open a new Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) window and type:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

and to disable it:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

Don't forget to restart Finder after you enable/disable this setting.


While it has been an incredible ride at OpenSpan so far, I've decided to take a different route on my career and come back to the integration and messaging space. I'll be joining FuseSource as a Solutions Consultant next week.

FuseSource provides enterprise support for its open source core products, Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, Camel and CXF, as well as providing products to better enable production deployment and management around those projects like the new FUSE IDE for Camel.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the great minds at OpenSpan and wish them the best. I know that sometimes it's hard and disappointing to see someone that you trust and have lots of confidence on just go but this new opportunity in my life is well aligned with what I envision for the future.

On the other hand, I'm extremely excited to join another fast-growing company and also to be back into the integration & messaging space where most of my background is after more than 10 years…

The Power of the Contextual Help

I spent this week onsite in Baltimore helping a customer architect some automation scenarios where the goal of this exercise was not only to reduce the average handling time of the contact center agents but also make them more productive and provide better customer service.

One of the issues we identified during the discovery phase of this project was the lack of ability of the users to recognize customers with flagged accounts or important alerts to need to be reviewed when get in touch with the contact center.

The current system provides a black triangle image close to the right corner of the screen while the account information is on the left corner. Ha! Don't get me wrong but who in the world designed a condition like that?
Something that has to be brought to the agent's attention in black on a gray background. Nah! It's not gonna work.

Frankly, now I understand why these agents were not able to check that alert and keep that in mind during the call or take action acc…