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Accessing Databases with HTML5 WebSockets and Apache Camel

As I have said on my previous post, I've been working with several companies with the most diverse use cases and one that really brought my attention was the requirement to access databases using HTML5 WebSockets which seems to be a clever thing to do with the right tools.

So, basically what I've setup for this is represented on the picture below:

Let's go over the implementation details of all of the components described here:
From right to left, the backend datasource I had to use was MySQL that you can download from Then, I used Apache Camel as the backend framework accessing the database and also exposing a TCP-based component (Mina in this case). Moving to the left, we have the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway connecting to the Apache Camel framework and exposing WebSocket connectivity to the web clients (browser-based, mobile-based and desktop thick client applications).
The web-browser sample client is pretty straightforward and with a few …

It's not lack of content...

We all have that excuse of no time for blogging or lack of interesting content for not updating our tech-y blogs but in fact there are tons of interesting things that I'm working on right now like a JDBC over WebSocket project which seems to be a really nice thing to do and also an end-to-end prototype that we at Kaazing put together for an airline company.

Basically, the airline use case goes from backend JMS-based systems to mobile devices over WebSocket using Kaazing WebSocket Gateway JMS Edition notifying the users about gate changes and flight cancellations. You gotta see this in action! It's super cool... Since it has some proprietary systems I won't be able to show you all parts but I've been working on a generic version of it where you can install all the pieces in your machine and run the whole thing locally. Ping me if you want to take a look on that.

The other project that I'm working on is the JDBC over WebSocket which basically uses Kaazing WebSocket G…