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How to Use Twilio Functions with the Phone Verification API

Twilio Functions, a serverless environment to build and run Twilio applications, was released back in May 2017 and allows you to use Node.js code for handling communications events such as a text message, an incoming voice call or HTTP requests ensuring that you can leverage the benefits of the platform like security, no infrastructure requirements, auto-scaling, native integration with Twilio REST Helper Library in a familiar environment powered by Node (6.10.x).

We could use a simple Hello World example to show you the power of Twilio Functions but instead we are going to use the Twilio Phone Verification APIs (formerly known as Authy) to demonstrate how easy to use and simple the Twilio Functions interfaces are.

The Twilio Phone Verification API allows you to verify that a given phone number is accurate and it's in the user's possession. The Phone Verification API is absolutely simple to use, one API call to request the code to be sent to the user (SMS or Voice call) and on…