Quick Access to Mac Dictionary

Sometimes you want to know the word definition but don't want to navigate to a website to know what it really means. So, here is keyboard shortcut that will help you a lot faster to get what you need.

1) Hover your mouse pointer over the word you wish to be defined (works in Safari, Mail and other Apple apps). I haven't tried in all of them yet.

2) Press control + Apple Command + D. The word will be highlighted and a Dictionary pop up box will show in the screen with the word definition.

3) Click anywhere in the screen to get rid of that pop up box.

There is also another approach to this using a very cool app called Alfred. Alfred is a must-have productivity tool that lets you automate a lot of things. You can also use Alfred to give you the word definition by just calling the Alfred utility (I use control + space bar) and then typing define and the word you want. The word definition should be presented on the screen for you.

Alfred has so many functions (no need to say that I'm a big Alfred fan already) but that would be a topic for another post.

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