Monday, September 24, 2012

Time for another change...

Well, it's time for another career change... I've decided to take a slightly different direction and join TIBCO as Principal Consultant where I'm going to be involved with lots of architecture discussions, application design white boarding, development and deployment techniques, pre and post sales activities as well.

My story with TIBCO started a long time ago when I was primarily competing against the company on every single account I was working on. It definitely showed me how good the TIBCO technology is and how hard was to compete against a company that innovates a lot and definitely understands what customer are looking for.

Then moving over to a couple of smaller companies I could experience the partnership side from the EMS, Spotfire and Web Messaging perspectives which gave me a good way to start contributing from the first moment.

If you think about how the opportunities that have emerged from information silos to integration silos and consequently moving over to the new trends of mobile, social, cloud and other big things, TIBCO is definitely the company with the right technology to give you the right information at the right time and on the right hands to make a decision and give you the ability to compete on such tough markets these days.

And keep mind that having all the information related to a particular event six month after the fact is not more valuable that having a little bit of the right information just before it happens.

It can't be a more exciting time to join a company like TIBCO and I'm pretty sure the ride is going to be fun from Day 1.

Back to work...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The mysterious behavior of Mac Mail and Yahoo! Mail Plus

If you, like me, uses Mac Mail as your primary email client and you also have an Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription (which gives you IMAP access to your Yahoo Mail account), you may have experienced an intermittent connection behavior where the email client is not able to connect due an invalid password even though you're using the correct one.

I've been reading lots of blog posts and forums reporting the exact same behavior and I was not able to find a concrete answer but the following approach seems to be working for me so far.

So, next time you see that dialog box requesting that you enter your password again to login to Yahoo, go to your web browser of choice and navigate to Yahoo Mail (

If you are automatically logged into the system then make sure you click on the Sign Out button first.

When you return to the login screen, type your username and password normally but make sure you select the Keep Me Signed In checkbox and then click Sign In. That should solve the problem.

Have fun...

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