FuseSource Community Day in San Francisco, CA - November 17th

Thirsty for information about Apache Camel? Hungry to learn more about Apache ActiveMQ in production environments? Keen to know more about the Business Impact of Open Source Software...

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Rob Davies (CTO of FuseSource, PMC Member, Founder and Committer on Apache ServiceMix and ActiveMQ and also the co-author of ActiveMQ in Action) and James Strachan (Creator of Groovy, member of the Apache Software Foundation and co-founder of Apache Camel). You'll be also hearing from architects, consultants and developers using those technologies in real world applications and what problems they were able to solve.

Not enough for you?!?! The FuseSource Community Day will be held at a really nice venue in downtown San Francisco called Thirsty Bear (661 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103).

For more information, visit the event web page: http://form.fusesource.com/sanfrancisco2011

I hope to see you all there...

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