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Configuring TIBCO Web Messaging to Securely Connect to TIBCO EMS

If you want to configure your TIBCO Web Messaging gateway, which normally lives in the DMZ, to connect to TIBCO EMS messaging backbone over a TCP connection, the procedure is straightforward. Just point to the TIBCO EMS server hostname and port number, assuming that's already open in the firewall, in the trusted network and that's it.

Something similar to the following service (stomp.jms) configuration should be enough:


Searching for the same thing over and over again...

I have to admit that I very often run queries on Google for things I've searched before and many times I end up with the exact same results. I'm also a big fan of Evernote where I keep my notes organized per project, topic, event, place, etc...

Luckily, the Evernote Web Clipper has a feature that seems to solves the issue above allowing you to simultaneously search on Google and also on your Evernote notes.

To enable that capability all you have to do is to right-click in the Web Clipper and then make sure you have the Related Results checkbox enabled. I believe this is available only in Google Chrome and Apple Safari for now.

On your next Google search, you should be able to see results similar to the following picture (with the Evernote results boxed in to the right).

Do Not Disturb!

To all of my friends out there with their powerful iOS 6 devices, you may haven't noticed yet but if you use the Do Not Disturb feature it will stay on after scheduled time and that's caused by a bug reported here: and it will stay on until Jan, 07th 2013 causing your device to do not alert, notify, ring, etc (depending on your setup) until you turn DND off manually.

Remote Debugging Mobile Web Apps

Just found this little tool called jsconsole that's a tremendous help with remote debugging mobile web applications.
All you have to do is to navigate to and type :listen in the top command prompt and insert the  <script> tag generated back to you on your web application after the connection has been established.
Then, after loading the application on your mobile device you should be able to see all the JavaScript output.