Monday, March 5, 2012

Installing Erlang on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I'm working with a customer who is using the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - AMQP Edition with RabbitMQ and while his install was pretty straightforward on Windows 7 I thought the same would be applicable to my case (a Mac user). Well, to summarize the process, it was quite of a challenge to get everything working, not from the complexity perspective but for the number of steps involved in the process to get the environment running starting from the point that RabbitMQ depends on Erlang to run. So, that was the first step... Installing Erlang on Mac OS X

Here are the steps I had to take:

- Download and install Apple Xcode 4.3 from Apple's AppStore (yeah, you read it right!)

- The tricky part here was to enable Command Line Tools which is not selected by default in Xcode. To do that, go to Xcode Preferences --> Downloads --> Components and install Command Line Tools. It's just another 170MB over the already downloaded 1.35GB of Xcode :)

- Download Erlang latest release from

- Extract the Erlang package (i.e. tar -xvf otp_src_R15B.tar) and navigate into the recently created directory

- Run ./configure

- Run ./make

- Run sudo make install

Hope this help you to get your project going...

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