Ok... I gave up...

Not the best way to start a blog (I know) but I've been thinking about blogging and the content to start one for a long time and I just figured out that would be better to keep the context of my posts around Information Technology and computer-related stuff...

I've been for a long time on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook but blogging is kind of new to me. Well, we all have to start somehow, right? Here is my first stab at this where I plan to share useful information about things that I find on the road (when traveling to customer's sites), articles from the Internet or something that I've in mind that someone can reuse out there.
So, I gave up holding the idea of start blogging...

By the way, my name is Marcelo Jabali and I've been working with technology since 1998. Most of my work is around systems integration, Service-Oriented Architecture and application design and architecture. I'm also a Mac fan and all things Apple.

Stay tuned for more... Feel free to contact me, right comments, send questions and let's enjoy the Wonderful World of blogging and sharing information together!

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