Thursday, March 24, 2011

OpenSpan Application Usage Events

OpenSpan is innovating again and customers/partners are now able to enjoy another great capability. In a new release, OpenSpan is including new events capabilities for monitoring application usage metrics for all applications on the desktop without touching them. Yeah! You got that right... No need for application interrogation, no need for touch the applications you want to get metrics from. That's an amazing opportunity to understand more about patterns and metrics from the user's desktop.

There are now three categories of events that OpenSpan can work with: Application Usage Events, Application Detail Events (Generic), Custom Business Events.

Application Usage Events

With minimal configuration and no application interrogation required, deploy OpenSpan to user desktops and immediately begin collecting high-level application usage and interaction metrics for all applications running on the user’s desktop. This new capability provides unprecedented insight into user experience and productivity, enabling next generation time & motion studies of both before and after process improvements.

Application Detail Events

Application Detail Events are used when you want to capture more detail for specific applications than what is provided by Application Usage Events. With Application Detail Events, you can capture individual events (i.e. click, text change, copy, paste, key-press, etc.) and data values associated with any application object (field, button, checkbox, etc.) on any screen within an application. This capability provides “clickstream-level” granularity. For example, you might use Application Usage Events to determine how many copy/paste events are occurring in each application. Then you enable Application Detail Events to determine which fields (by name) are being copied. Application Detail Events are configurable by application and enable selection from over 30 distinct object types and on average over 10 events per object type. To capture Application Detail Events, interrogation and filter configuration is required for each application, which typically takes only a few minutes to configure per application.

Custom Events

Custom Business Events (or Custom Events) provide the ability to define and instrument complete workflows and processes spanning one or several applications. Event names are user-defined and Custom Events can be configured to contain any additional data you wish to collect or capture. In addition to capturing performance metrics and detailed process timing information, Custom Events can include conditional logic and can be used to generate alerts. Custom Events are also commonly the interface point and published from OpenSpan to partner CEP, WFM, BAM and BPM solutions.

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