Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Change the Default Drag And Drop Behavior for Properties, Methods or Events

There are some cases during a project you're constantly working with the same control and you want to change the default behavior when you drag and drop it from the Object Explorer. Well, here is what you have to do to change the default behavior in OpenSpan Studio (MS-Visual Studio plugin):

1. Select the control type you want and click Configure Type. Here is an example for a button.

2. The Button Control Configuration pops up and now you can select the property, event or method you want to be the default behavior. For the button control the "Click" event is the default behavior.

3. Select the new configuration you want to be the default behavior, right-click on it and then select Set As Default Member.

In the example above I've set the PerformClick method to be the default behavior.

The next time I drag and drop a button to the automation it will be the PerformClick method instead of the Click event.

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