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An Introduction to Oracle Mobile Suite

Here is a quick overview and introduction to the Oracle Mobile Suite. There are basically four areas that the Oracle Mobile Suite helps with your mobile strategy:
Development of multichannel applications with Oracle Mobile Application FrameworkData and services integration across the enterprise with Oracle SOA SuiteUniform information security across all layers of enterprise and mobile applications with Oracle Identity ManagementDeployment and management (cloud and on premise) of multichannel applications with Oracle Cloud Application Foundation The video below shows the core capabilities of the Oracle Mobile Suite and how can you benefit of it.

Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket on Oracle WebLogic 12c

The current release of Oracle WebLogic (12.1.2) added support to HTML5 WebSocket (RFC-6455) providing the bi-directional communication over a single TCP connection between clients and servers. Unlike the HTTP communication model, client and server can send and receive data independently from each other. 
The use of WebSocket is becoming very popular for highly interactive web applications that depend on time critical data delivery, requirements for true bi-directional data flow and higher throughput. To initiate the WebSocket connection, the client sends a handshake request to the server. The connection is established if the handshake request passes validation, and the server accepts the request. When a WebSocket connection is established, a browser client can send data to a WebLogic Server instance while simultaneously receiving data from that server instance. 
The WebLogic server implementation has the following components:
 The WebSocket protocol implementation that handles co…