Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Fuse IDE 2.0 Release

Now at version 2.0, the Fuse IDE (an Eclipse plugin) builds on a visual environment that enables developers to "drag-and-drop" the integration and mediation components needed to connect several systems and applications. I'd like to give you some highlights of this very exciting release.

Additionally to the already known features (, here is what's included:

  • Endpoint browsing – which makes it easy to see and inspect the available messages on endpoints or JMS  queues

  • Message drag and drop – from an endpoint or JMS queue to any Camel endpoint or JMS destination to quickly try out integration scenarios
  • JMX explorer – tailored to view Fuse integration applications

  • Graphical viewer – displays all brokers, queues, topics, Camel endpoints, and Camel routes available in a remote JVM

  • Route tracing – step through each version of each message to see how message headers and bodies change as they move through routes

So, don't wait to try out these new features... download the new Fuse IDE, provide feedback and we can make it even better!

Enjoy the ride!

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