Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Using TIBCO Silver Mobile with TIBCO Web Messaging

Every company has or it's planning to have a mobile app these days and among other top priorities like Social, Event Processing, Analytics and Cloud, Mobility is a hot topic for CIOs looking for how they can change the game and put on their internal and external consumers' fingertips the right information at the right time with the right context. Not only that requirement but also how to capture, sense, act and respond to business events and notify mobile users of actions they need to take or what just happened that's so important to them.

Sometimes, there is a big disconnection between the "App" and all the backend systems that really do all the heavy lifting.

Integrating those two distinct worlds is getting easier primarily because of technologies like TIBCO Silver Mobile and TIBCO Web Messaging. Those product already have their huge value attached to their capabilities but when you combine them then the value brought to the table is extreme. 

TIBCO Silver Mobile is an open mobile development application platform (MDAP) that lets you build and manage mobile apps and create your own secure enterprise app portal. The platform lets you leverage whatever investments you've made in back-end automation infrastructure, whether from TIBCO or another provider.

Some of the Silver Mobile benefits are:

Helps decrease mobile application development time and cost with a cross-platform, write-once environment and simplified Java and HTML5 back-end integration capabilities
Lets you easily build onto your web application code base and add provisions for using pictures, video, contacts, and other data collected by mobile workers to mobile applications
Deploys mobile apps securely on your own mobile app portal using your existing security standards and controls access to app downloads and the information available through them
- Supports Android, iOS, and others – and provides a familiar mobile app download process
Gives front-line mobile workers access to the full resources of the enterprise by letting them access and contribute information in real time

You can download TIBCO Silver Mobile from the TIBCO Access Point (TAP) here: http://tap.tibco.com/storefront/trialware/tibco-silver-mobile/prod15310.html

On the other hand, TIBCO Web Messaging overcomes traditional HTTP-based web architectures that simply don't provide the real-time, bidirectional communication that today's new applications and services demand by using HTML5 WebSocket.

Some of the Web Messaging benefits are:

Build compelling real-time applications using the new HTML5 WebSocket standard for low-latency web communication with a fraction of the overhead of existing web architectures.
Use HTML5 API for Java Message Service, support legacy browsers, and natively integrate TIBCO EMS for faster and at less costly web and mobile application development.
Don't sacrifice enterprise readiness to get next-generation web services with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service integration, enhanced security, and connection offloading.
Natively integrate with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service to extend the reach of enterprise IT infrastructures through asynchronous or synchronous communication.
Provide real-time full-duplex communication for web applications with HTML5 WebSocket at a fraction of the overhead of existing web architectures.
Simplify application development for multiple client platforms with a JMS-client API familiar to enterprise developers.

In conclusion, combining these two powerful technologies give the business users not only full access to the information they need at any time and any place but also leverage the resources your company already invested on.

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