Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oracle Mobile Development Platform Workshop

It has been almost five months since I started at Oracle and I have been busy working on a bunch of different technologies including WebLogic, Coherence, Service Bus, API Gateway and obviously Mobile. If you are interested in the Oracle Mobile Development Platform, we are offering a free technical webinar on October 30th at 9:30 AM Pacific/10:30 AM Mountain.  This is going to be a 90 minute technical presentation and demonstration where you will see how:
  • You can develop Mobile Applications once and deploy natively to both iOS and Android
  • Resulting  Applications allow your company’s employees and customers to securely access your internal packaged and custom applications from any device
  • Your Mobile Applications are written Java and HTML5, but leverage native device functionality such as GPS, Camera, Address Book and Accelerometer
  • The Resulting Applications look, feel, and perform as though they were natively developed, i.e., these are not just web applications running in a phone’s browser
  • Oracle is using the Mobile Development Platform for their own application delivery
  • Oracle’s Mobile Platform enables full lifecycle support of Mobile Applications covering their development, end-to-end security, service connectivity and integration, deployment, distribution and management
To attend the webinar, please contact me at: mqjabali [at] gmail dot com

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