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An Alternative Method to the Request-Reply Pattern for Message-Driven Application Configuration

On a recent ActiveMQ forum discussion, I presented an alternative to a common problem that I've seen more and more people running into.

I've seem some companies using JMS - Java Message Service to provide application configuration based on the client profile. So, basically when the application starts, it connects to a JMS broker and then request its information. The application then receives all information necessary like settings, connections URLs, what destinations to read from and send to, etc.

That's a very smart way to dynamically provide that kind of information and be able to make changes on the fly if necessary.

You can transparently add and remove new features on the backend systems, change destinations, change server URLs, without performing any major update on the client side.

What I also have noticed is that most of the people uses the JMS request-reply mechanism to achieve that which is a good way to do it but can cause some side effects and problems during th…

How to Configure GMail's filters to Move Messages from Your Inbox

I've been using GMail for almost a month now and honestly I really liked. It's really fast and has lots of good features and extensions.

One of the things I was not really sure I was getting everything out of it was Filters. GMail's Filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages where you can automatically label, delete, forward, etc.
As much as I like the label feature where you visually see what "category" the message belongs to I was not able to manage that properly and since I'm now on paternity leave my inbox started flooding once I could not keep up with the tons of emails I get subscribing to many mailing lists as they all show up on my Inbox.

So, how can you apply the filters feature to move messages to other folders automatically? Where is the magic button? Actually, there is no magic button but a magic checkbox on the filter setting.

When you create a new filter, you first select the search criteria (from, to, etc) and then you choose the…


Are you interested in Open Source integration and the benefits it brings to the table? So, here is my advice to you... FuseSource is sponsoring a great conference called CamelOne which is going to be held at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Washington, DC between May 24-26, 2011.

We have a great lineup of speakers and you should definitely go there and listen to them, interact with other users and have fun!

Don't forget to bring your ActiveMQ in Action and/or your Camel in Action books to get them signed.

See you there!

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