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Getting Started with Oracle WebLogic 12c Dynamic Clusters

One of the new features introduced on WebLogic 12c (12.1.2) is the ability to create and add new managed servers to a clustered environment dynamically. Dynamic Clusters make the task of creating additional servers for scaling out your environment really easy.
 You no longer have to configure managed servers individually but instead you configure a cluster with the number of servers you want and the server template or the domain default values. From there the system maps out managed servers with attributes inherited from the server template.
Dynamic clusters can absolutely be a building block for elasticity in the cloud environment.

To create a sample WebLogic Dynamic Cluster configuration, follow the steps below:

- Download and install Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 at

- Create a new domain called mydomain. If you need the instructions on how to create a WebLogic domain, go to:…

Oracle Mobile Development Platform Workshop

It has been almost five months since I started at Oracle and I have been busy working on a bunch of different technologies including WebLogic, Coherence, Service Bus, API Gateway and obviously Mobile. If you are interested in the Oracle Mobile Development Platform, we are offering a free technical webinar on October 30th at 9:30 AM Pacific/10:30 AM Mountain.  This is going to be a 90 minute technical presentation and demonstration where you will see how:
You can develop Mobile Applications once and deploy natively to both iOS and AndroidResulting  Applications allow your company’s employees and customers to securely access your internal packaged and custom applications from any deviceYour Mobile Applications are written Java and HTML5, but leverage native device functionality such as GPS, Camera, Address Book and AccelerometerThe Resulting Applications look, feel, and perform as though they were natively developed, i.e., these are not just web applications running in a phone’s browserO…

The new

I've started on a new job a week ago at Oracle and I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far. First of all, after 8 years I'm back to the office life and not working from home full time. Honestly, I was missing that kind of stuff and the interactions and conversations I've in the office are unbeatable. There are so many smart folks here that anytime I hear them talking about the exciting things they are working on I can't wait to finish all of the paperwork and onboarding stuff and get my hands dirty with the technology.
I'm working out of one of the old Sun Microsystems offices and you can imagine that most of the guys and girls here are either from the hardware side, Linux or Solaris...
I'm primarily working with the Oracle Fusion Middleware product line which is a long list of products itself.
I've heard so many different opinions about my decision to join Oracle and I prefer to keep the good ones for now. Nobody builds a company like this wi…

Using TIBCO Silver Mobile with TIBCO Web Messaging

Every company has or it's planning to have a mobile app these days and among other top priorities like Social, Event Processing, Analytics and Cloud, Mobility is a hot topic for CIOs looking for how they can change the game and put on their internal and external consumers' fingertips the right information at the right time with the right context. Not only that requirement but also how to capture, sense, act and respond to business events and notify mobile users of actions they need to take or what just happened that's so important to them.

Sometimes, there is a big disconnection between the "App" and all the backend systems that really do all the heavy lifting.

Integrating those two distinct worlds is getting easier primarily because of technologies like TIBCO Silver Mobile and TIBCO Web Messaging. Those product already have their huge value attached to their capabilities but when you combine them then the value brought to the table is extreme. 

TIBCO Silver Mobile

Configuring TIBCO Web Messaging to Securely Connect to TIBCO EMS

If you want to configure your TIBCO Web Messaging gateway, which normally lives in the DMZ, to connect to TIBCO EMS messaging backbone over a TCP connection, the procedure is straightforward. Just point to the TIBCO EMS server hostname and port number, assuming that's already open in the firewall, in the trusted network and that's it.

Something similar to the following service (stomp.jms) configuration should be enough:


Searching for the same thing over and over again...

I have to admit that I very often run queries on Google for things I've searched before and many times I end up with the exact same results. I'm also a big fan of Evernote where I keep my notes organized per project, topic, event, place, etc...

Luckily, the Evernote Web Clipper has a feature that seems to solves the issue above allowing you to simultaneously search on Google and also on your Evernote notes.

To enable that capability all you have to do is to right-click in the Web Clipper and then make sure you have the Related Results checkbox enabled. I believe this is available only in Google Chrome and Apple Safari for now.

On your next Google search, you should be able to see results similar to the following picture (with the Evernote results boxed in to the right).

Do Not Disturb!

To all of my friends out there with their powerful iOS 6 devices, you may haven't noticed yet but if you use the Do Not Disturb feature it will stay on after scheduled time and that's caused by a bug reported here: and it will stay on until Jan, 07th 2013 causing your device to do not alert, notify, ring, etc (depending on your setup) until you turn DND off manually.

Remote Debugging Mobile Web Apps

Just found this little tool called jsconsole that's a tremendous help with remote debugging mobile web applications.
All you have to do is to navigate to and type :listen in the top command prompt and insert the  <script> tag generated back to you on your web application after the connection has been established.
Then, after loading the application on your mobile device you should be able to see all the JavaScript output.