Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Started with Apache Camel (Video)

In this video demonstration, published on the FuseSource YouTube channel, you're going to see how to get started with Apache Camel (FUSE Mediation Router) on a real world scenario working with a Composed Enterprise Integration Pattern (FUSE EIP).

The video demonstration talks about a Book Shop example application that receives a message from a JMS source, in this case Apache ActiveMQ / FUSE Message Broker and then split the message according to number of orders available in the message, then based on the content the message is going to be routed to different web services endpoints (provided by Apache CXF / FUSE Services Framework), after that the requests to the web services are then aggregated through the Apache Camel aggregator component and finally the resulting message is sent to a response JMS queue.

Enjoy the ride...

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